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Will, Kassidy, & Kimberlynn

Killed by a drugged driver October 12, 2015

Our Mission
Our mission is to educate and raise awareness about drugged driving and drugged driving fatalities, as well as provide resources for people who struggle with addiction.  We will continue speaking at press events, in schools, in jails, in rehabilitation facilities, and anywhere that will allow our voices to be heard.   
Our Hope

...our hope is that by sharing our story;

It will inspire our youth to take a stand against drugs and addiction.

It will give addicts the courage to seek help before it’s too late.

It will encourage law enforcement officers to remain vigilant in keeping drugged drivers off our streets, roads, and highways.

Our Prayer


Our prayer is that one day drugged driving will cease to exist and other families will never have to suffer the tragic loss of loved ones as we have.  Until then…

Our Vision  
Our vision is to work with state and federal legislators to change and/or create laws concerning drugged driving.
One of only two pictures Bradlee will ever have with his family
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